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Here are some creative and fun ideas for outdoor locations to take Senior Pictures!

  • 1. Senior Picture at Your local Downtown area

Downtown is a whole vibe of it’s own. It can be urban, rustic, or modern depending on where you live. Here in South West Florida we have Downtown Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, and Downtown Naples (5th Ave). All beautiful and unique in their own way.

Naples, of course is more upscale and modern. But then you have Fort Myers which has so many historic buildings, stair ways, and great view of the water! Punta Gorda’s downtown is smaller than the others BUT equally as beautiful. You can find green vines and archways along with some Edison outdoor lighting! Your High School Senior Pictures should be memorable, so go with what suites your personality the best.

Make sure you look for a tall parking garage for the last set of photos so you can catch the sunset behind you from a top the building!!

  • 2. Senior Pictures at The Beach! I bet you didn’t know that was going to be on the list 😉

Living in Florida, or having family in Florida has a lot of advantages. One of those being having the water + palm trees available to us for pictures! The amount of options are a little overwhelming so here are a few of my favorites.

Bowditch Point Park, Fort Myers Beach | Delnor Wiggins State Park, Naples Florida | Boca Grande, Florida

Boca Grande is about 1.5 hours driving time from Cape Coral / Fort Myers, but the views are worth every minute. The water is the perfect shade of aqua and you can find some pretty cool landmarks there as well! You will also notice the banyan trees as a beautiful backdrop!

Moving farther south to Naples, we have Delnor-Wiggins State Park. Here you’re mostly full blown beach. There are some pathways that can be scenic with the right lighting but the star is definitely the water and sand!

Then between the two you can find Bowditch Point Park in Fort Myers. This beach is the creme de la creme, in my opinion. I usually start my journey here with some shots in the tree coverage and then along the paths to the beach that are lined with foliage. Sometime that foliage is bursting with gorgeous white puffs that make for a perfect portrait! Then of course you’ll see the driftwood and the large rocks, which i’ve found to always be a crowd favorite.

  • 3. Senior Picture at a local Nature Park / Preserve Area

Local parks can be a great alternative to the beach when you want to be in nature, but don’t want the sand in your toes! Some of the best parks for senior pictures in Fort Myers and Estero are the Caloosahatchee Regional Park East, Koreshan State Park, and Lakes Park!

Lakes Park offers a beautiful garden area that changes with the season. In spring you’ll find a purple flowering vine cascading down a white arch way. There are cactus, a large variety of plants, and also a gazebo!

For the Koreshan State Park you’ll want to map some locations out before you go. The park can be a lot to walk through especially when the weather is warm! You’ll find historic buildings from the village it used to be, a nice open field, and some of the most gorgeous oak trees. Don’t forget to stop by the most popular attraction there, which is their beautiful white bridge!

At the Caloosahatchee Park you can really get a good variety of shots. Senior pictures are best with a lot of variations in posing, scenery, and outfits. Here you will find a fern walkway, oak tress, a wooden fence, and if they have not cut the fields, some awesome sawgrass (no idea if thats the actual name of it).

Remember, the best senior pictures are going to be the ones where you are completely yourself! These are a perfect time to express your individuality.

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