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Okay, maybe not technically the best, but these are the best cape coral restaurants in my eyes! As of May 2022 😉

  1. Boathouse Tiki Bar & Grill – Cape Coral

The Boathouse has been a favorite of mine since I moved in to Cape from Fort Myers. The relaxed atmosphere is the main attraction for me. You can almost always count on a live band to be there serenading you with the music of the Islands to be playing under the giant Tiki that is the whole restaurant. If you enjoy the sand, ask them to seat you below deck! Something about eating your Mahi Mahi with your toes in the sand relaxes your soul! Their spiked lemonades are killer (in the good way) and if you like sweet chili, the Caribbean Chicken Wings appetizer is a fantastic way to start your experience! between 11-6 M-F you can take advantage of their Happy Hour, or you can arrive early (8:-10:30 AM) to grab some breakfast!

The Boathouse Website:

2. Fathoms Restaurant Bar

Located inside of Cape Harbor Marina, this restaurant gives you an upscale plate surrounded by boats + docks. I suggest sitting outside, either on the patio or under the tiki! OR grab a table for your meal and move to the tiki afterwards for drinks. Suggested eats: Caribbean Jerk Shrimp (omg so gooood), Bourbon Street Mac + Cheese, Blackened Angus Steak Salad, Free Range Wood Stone Roasted Chicken Breast. Only item I would urge you to steer clear from, is the Fathoms Cold Cut Board.. Not a traditional board and for me too far from what I would expect. They also have a pizza menu, and you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them. We prefer the GF crust! Enjoy!!

Fathoms Website:

3. My Sweet Art


will be taking a break from the water front options for just a moment. My Sweet Art is a French bakers and cafe here in Cape Coral. They offer lunch and a variety of pastries, all traditional French cuisine! Check out their site for the hours because they are closed on Mon + Tue and then usually open around 10:30-11 AM on other days. From Quiche to French Onion Soup and Cheese Plates you’re going to be transported from Florida to France no doubt. Try out their everyday menu, or schedule one of their “Special Dinners” which is one night a month, with one thing on the menu, specially prepared for that singular night.

My Sweet Art Website:

4. Hooked Island Grill

Insert a huge heart eye emoji here because this place is just wonderful. The staff never fails to provide the best service, which can sometimes make or break a good meal. They are located in Matlacha, which is near North Cape Coral/Pine Island. I am unsure what they do to their chicken before they fry it ( both the tenders and the Nashville Hot) but I swear it’s the best i’ve had. The Nashville hot has a sweet note to it that makes it bearable for those that don’t like too much heat. Now, they do not have liquor, but they do offer some awesome Florida beers from places like Fort Myers and Islamorada. Sit on the deck and enjoy the view of the water, you wont regret it!

Hook Island Grill Facebook:

5. Jungle Bird Authentic Tiki

Alright I started #4 talking about the service, and I’ll do it again here. You should go here knowing you will probably be there for a while. I have not had great experience with service at the Jungle Bird, but I do enjoy the atmosphere and food so I go in with the mindset that I don’t expect good service. They are just what the name sounds like, a jungle themed tiki bar and restaurant. Their cuisine is kind of all over the place and you can expect to be surprised by the menu. The lettuce wraps on the appetizer menu is one of my favorites and it’s usually enough for a meal for me. They give out peppered popcorn in place of the bread some other restaurants give and its great. My kids love it too! I suggest trying to sit on the patio, but under inside of the gates (you’ll get it when you see the place!). If you have a favorite drink, go with that instead of their cocktail menu.. but ask for one of the adorable tiki cups! You can even pay to take it home if you’d like.

Jungle Bird Website:

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