10th Birthday Photoshoot at The Cape Coral Police Department | The Memory Collective, A Cape Coral Family Photographer

Alexis LOVES officers, and fancies to be one herself. But she has a special bond with her school cop, Officer Cannady, who worked along with Alexis’s Bonus Momma to set up a whole tour of the Cape Coral Police Department. How cool is that?!

Alexis was gifted a goodie bag (which she loved) plus there was a Happy birthday sign (which she loved even more!). Everyone was so sweet to her and answered all the questions she had. She even received an official “CCPD” patch!

After seeing everything inside the building, Officer Cannady took her outside to get a closer look at the police cruiser. She turned the lights on (fav part) and pretended to be bringing a couple bad guys to the station for intake.

All Images taken by The Memory Collective, A Cape Coral Family and Senior Picture Photographer. TheMemory-Collective.com

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