Sure, You Can Have Digital Files..

But what if you could have more? We all know it, we live in a digital age. Our lives are made nice and convenient with information available at the silent click of our touch screen devices. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I am the proud owner of an iPhone, iWatch, and I too check my social platforms constantly throughout the day. I mean, what is life without Facebook right?

I’ve been that mom, the one that doesn’t have her babies on her walls. No trace of them when they’re not around, except in a crowded gallery on my phone of course. I’ve also been that photographer, that one that is spewing digital files everywhere. Even though I knew nothing would ever be done with them. Then something changed, I looked around my home and was missing something. I wanted to see my humans, my favorite humans in the whole world… specifically on metal, in vivid color, right there above my couch. And can I just tell you, those tiny humans LOVED seeing their faces displayed that way. It made them feel special and wanted and cared about.

Folio prints, newborn photography, matted folios to display

When it comes to your family. Your memories. YOUR BABIES. You want more than a pixelated image on your phone. Even if you don’t know it yet.


Remember that time you went to your boyfriend’s house to meet his parents? His mom took you into the living room and she showed you those crazy embarrassing photos of him in his undies or splashing in the tub? Or when you showed grandma the photographs of her first grandbaby? Those special, funny, and irreplaceable moments don’t happen circled around an iPad. Grandma wants to hold the images in her hand, she wants keepsakes and mementos to share with Grandpa at night when she can’t get her “silly phone” to “do anything right”. And I think we can all stand to learn a lot from Gran 😉

Now this isn’t all about our elders. I’ve personally received more Christmas cards in the past 2 years than ever before! And I think as a whole, we are going back to feeling that personal connection. Sharing smaller prints of your senior, or your recent newborn session.. It’s special!

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Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real.

Ansel Adams

Your walls. Your desk. Your Coffee Table.

Okay so I just typed “Your Coffee Table” and envisioned someone pulling up their phone gallery and throwing it on the table as a pretend photo album. Alright, alright.. I’ve stopping giggling now .. How silly is it that we think a screen can replace a real life album? We invest so much in to those cutesy quote wall décor items from Hobby Lobby. What if you only had 1 of those quote prints and it was surrounded by images of your family holding each other? How perfect would that be? What if beside your “BOSS BABE” sign, there was a 5×7 acrylic block made of your maternity session, you know the one with you and your husband walking hand in hand? We invest our time, our resources, and our sometimes our sanity (lets be honest) into having our family gather for portrait sessions and then we post them on social media and… that’s it. A few “gorgeous!” and “omg so pretty” comments and life goes on. Imagine investing that same time and energy, but in the end you have a wall display of artwork for your home as well as that FB post. *MAGIC*

What I’m saying is…..

Photographs are different when they’re real, and pixels are not real. To truly feel that connection with an image you have to hold and feel it in your hands. I LOVE sharing photographs with my family and friends on the social sites.. but having those digital files, it just isn’t enough! So sure, you can have digital files.. but you will be missing out on so much more.

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