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Date nights are usually reserved for mom and dad only, but sometimes you either just can’t get away.. or you don’t want to! Here are 3 fun activities you can do with the whole family right here in Fort Myers Florida!

  1. Salt Sam’s Pirate Cruise

Salty Sam’s is a Pirate boat that sails off from Fort Myers Beach! The kids will be taught how to be a pirate along with the best of ’em, and there is humor along the tour that everyone will enjoy. You can choose between a day cruise or a sunset, either way the tickets range between $30-$35 per person. AHOY!

Salty Sam’s Website:

2. Top Golf

One of the most recent additions to Fort Myers, Top Golf has been a big hit in 2022! You get your own private bay for up to 6 people at a time, and eat + drink while you play. This is definitely fun for all ages. Think of it like mini golf without the limits! Reservations are definitely recommended, although not required.

Top Golf Website:

3. Headpinz Entertainment Center

This more-than-a-bowling-alley Bowling Alley is located near Treeline and Daniels Parkway. They have your regular bowling, VIP and Hyperbowl bowling, an amped up arcade, laser tag arena, an indoor zip line, and their newest attraction axe throwing! For the adults that haven’t forgotten how to play like the kids, like myself, this place is FUN. It’s easy to get lost for at least a few hours with that many activities in one place. Like most bowling alleys they have food and a bar.

Headpinz Website:!#headpinzJumboIndicators

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